If you are like me, I like reading but lack the patience to complete an entire book. So solution to the problem: don’t read big books! Huh, that sounds dangerous. So on the quest for a valid answer I was browsing without a motive as usual on Quora reading some random question answered by Adrian Lamo (I call this pooping on the internet or whatever). I came across this interesting website, librivox.org. There are over 8000 audio books read and recorded by volunteers like you and me. The books are chosen from public domain and released as public domain audio books.

If you are bored and jobless, listening to the same old funky tune again and again seems like an obvious option on a day with good weather, but save this one for the rainy day. Click here to choose the best audio books of LibriVox. This might also serve as a motivation to read and cherish the literary marvels of the planet Earth.

The glimpse of my workbench for 21st September 2015 ends here.